Zippers and metal buttons from Levis are scraping the sides of the dryer as it hums and whirs. Save the sound of the dryer, it is eerily quiet. The children and animals are far off in dreamland, and my husband is still at work. It’s been quite an eventful day and the pace will continue to ramp up until January 2014. From mundane tasks like renewing my driver’s license and getting a new shower curtain to more festive tasks like baking pies, making pine cone turkeys, and visits from relatives…the holidays are here. I am to try to find the joy in  the season and not to over extend myself. The brakes are being lightly applied to school related activities and volunteering….having 3 kids in 3 different schools is a challenge. I have commitments and obligations, which makes me feel like such a grown up. Spontaneous fun comes in microbursts. Bzzzz. Dryer’s finished. Time to double check that the clothes are actually dry and then embark on an outdoor jaunt with my canine companion…or paint my toenails a particular shade of purple…or read from the pulpy novel I’ve been savoring.