So I was just reading that China is going to allow couples to have a second child. Here in Texas, legislators have enacted abortion restrictions. Reproductive rights should not be up for legislation. The medical term for a miscarriage is spontaneous abortion, and the dilation & curettage procedure is performed also. Women’s bodies should not be subjected to laws in Texas, China, or anyplace else. It’s just another example of patriarchal societies trying to.subjugate and oppress women. All that being said, I personally could never have an abortion and live with myself. I drove a friend home after one…gosh almost twenty years ago…and it was a dreadful experience. She was abandoned by her boyfriend and too frightened to tell her very religious mother for fear that she wouldn’t support her decision. At least she had the choice to make, though. It says “All men are created equal” in the U.S. Constitution with the glaring omission of women, because the Founding Fathers supported women’s rights about as much as current elected officials.